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SD-BOX/MINI v1.15 - user manual

The SD-BOX is a device that combines SD2IEC and cartridge. Such combination allows for easier and faster use of its features. The SD-BOX will enable you to::

  • contents of a disk or an SD card
  • select available storage devices (1, 8-11)
  • verify files stored on the tape
  • stop loading or verification process during searching, displaying information or loading itself
  • change the name of the saved program, if applicable (disk only)
  • rewrite on the tape or disk in case of error
  • run loaded file from tape or disk, also with bootloader
  • select device you are going use (1, 8-11)
  • fast switching between devices for reading or direct choice of the recording device number
  • fast disk directory listing for SD2IEC on any KERNAL

Copying files:
  • up to 202 blocks units starting from address no. 2048
  • tape to tape copying with the tape recorder buffer (allows you to copy protected recordings, such as: Micruscopy, Tape protector, !Copy error and others)
  • tape to disk copying of protected recordings with the option to remove protection (Micruscopy 1 - 3 and Tape Protector v1.5), or run in a format enabling protection
  • disk to tape copying, up to 99 of selected files
  • disk to disk copying, starting with any address (also within the same drive)

Other advantages of SD-BOX:
  • colored stripes for the tape recorder during read or write
  • smart, one-second back-off when pressing PLAY or PLAY & RECORD
  • turbo Exos v3 for a drive with the original KERNAL
  • menu in Polish and English
  • controlling menu with the use of joystick or keyboard

1. Running the device.

2. Devices.


4. Disk drive.

5. SD2IEC.

6. Copying.
SD-BOX - logo startowe
Cartridge SD-BOX
SD-BOX - disk drive menu
SD-BOX - tape menu
SD-BOX - additional software
SD-BOX - the version and the author of the software

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